Emergency Server Move


You are probably here because your website is currently offline. First let’s do the important bit and get your site back online, then you can read the explanation of why this happened below.

To get your site up and running again, we URGENTLY need to point your domain to our new server.

We will need :
1. A link to wherever your domain is registered EG Godaddy.com
2. Your username for that site
3. Your password for that site.

Please fill out this form to send us your details now.

We will make a quick  change to tell your domain where to look for the new server and your site will be back online within 15 minutes.

If you do not want to give us full access then please contact the support of which ever company you registered it with and ask them the following:

“Please can you update the A record for our domain to this IP address:

Domain Access

Your Domain Details

Your password will NOT be transmitted to us by email instead it will be securely stored on our site.

As you may or may not be aware, there have been continuing issue and outages on our old US server.

The data center we use for our servers, who I have to say have been AWESOME for the past six years, were recently bought out by a hosting conglomerate called World Host. The moment I heard this I started to monitor the service closely as this is rarely a good thing.

Very quickly (as is usually the case with these takeovers/buy-outs) the speed and level of support we receive from the data center started to slow and suffer. For us to provide you with excellent support, obviously we need the same from the people that provide our servers.

Seeing the growing issues we immediately got ahead of the game and set up new servers with a better data center and copied all your sites across to the new servers.

Yesterday morning the data center reported that they had experienced a power outage and ALL their servers were offline including ours. I sat here all day yesterday dealing with complaints and trying to get answers from World Host. Long story short the servers were down most of the day and this morning are still not fully repaired. This will NEVER DO!