Emergency Site Migration


You are probably here because your website is currently offline. This outage was not caused by Profit Parrot, but before we get to explanations, let's do the important task first and get your site back online as quickly as we can. Once this is done, you can find out what happened below.

To get your site up and running again, we URGENTLY need to point your domain to our new server.

You now have two options:

Option One
Contact the support team of the site where your domain name (www.yoursite.com) is registered and ask them to make this change:

“Please update the A record for our domain (tell them what your site is called)  to this IP address:”

Option Two

Provide us with access to your domain and we will make the changes for you. (This will probably be the fastest solution)

We will need :
1. A link to wherever your domain is registered, E.g., Godaddy.com
2. Your username for that site
3. Your password for that site.

If your account with the domain company uses 2-factor authentication, please log into your account with them and temporarily turn it off before filling out this form. Otherwise, we may not be able to get access to make the changes for you.

If you want us to do this for you, please complete this form.

Domain Access

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Your password will NOT be transmitted to us by email instead it will be securely stored on our site.

What Happened To Cause The Outage?

As you may or may not be aware, there have been continuing issues and outages on our current US servers throughout Sunday, and they are continuing into today.

We have been with this data center for the past six years, and they were previously awesome!

However, a short while ago they were taken over by a large hosting conglomerate called World Host. The moment I heard about the buy-out I started to monitor the service closely as this is rarely a good thing.

Slowly but surely (as is usually the case with these takeovers/buy-outs) the speed and level of support we receive from the data center started to slow and suffer. For us to provide you with excellent support, obviously we need the same from the technicians and server teams that maintain our servers.

Seeing the growing issues, we immediately got ahead of the game and started researching other potential providers with upgraded servers to move to, to mitigate the impact of the declining quality of the data center's service. This takes time as we have to be sure the new data center offers quality, fast, modern servers and support. We found an exceptional new provider, and had fortunately copied all your sites to the new server and planned on switching over the next few days.

Yesterday morning the current data center reported that they had experienced a power outage and ALL their servers were offline including ours. This was just really unfortunate timing on their behalf. I sat here all day yesterday getting yelled at for an issue we did not cause and trying to get answers from World Host, which was a nightmare. Long story short, the servers were down most of the day and this morning are still not fully repaired. This is simply NOT acceptable to you or to us.

Thank goodness we were on the ball and saw this coming. We just need to expedite that switch over now.

While this is incredibly annoying, it is sadly completely beyond our control. The issues were not caused by anyone other than the data center teams, of course, they will never admit that.  While all networks can experience issues from time to time, I suspect someone within their organization messed up when moving servers and clients to their systems. I don't think I believe their explanation of “We had a power outage” as all modern data centers have redundant, backup power supplies ready to take over in the case of power loss.

Sadly, when these conglomerates buy up smaller companies, this is what tends to happen (And this company seem to have followed the norm):

1. They get rid of the awesome existing support teams and roll support for the company they just bought into their existing systems. Support normally shifts overseas and with less qualified, less efficient support staff who are overloaded with work and much slower to respond. Last week, we asked them to update the server's MYSQL software to the latest version, it took the data center 8 hours to reply to our ticket. NOT ACCEPTABLE! It then took a further 9 hours for them to reply to a follow-on question from us. That is not support it is insanity. It was at this point we put up a new server in the new data center.

2. The next step of their cost-cutting methods to satisfy their shareholders lust for profit typically involves them moving all sites from the old companies servers to their servers, which are often lower spec and overcrowded. This all equals one thing, SLOWER websites. As expected, we were recently told they wanted to move us to a different server on their network in the next few weeks. This is NOT going to happen, I have seen this too many times to fall for it again.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience the outages may have caused, again this was not caused by Profit Parrot but by this greedy corporate takeover. While I suspect thousands of other sites in that data center are about to suffer even more issues, as you can see, we were on the ball and were ahead of the game. It's just unfortunate timing their data center had issues before we got the chance to switch over all your domains to our new servers. We will always strive to make sure your website is hosted on the fastest servers with the best possible support.

Gary McHugh
Tech Support
ProfitParrot Sites